The Traveler's Trunk Logo!The Traveler’s Trunk is a trunk show boutique that offers global artisan finds – for her, home and bebe – at affordable prices. Welcoming these unique sales into your home means making one of a kind gifts & crafts from around the world accessible to local friends and fellow shoppers.

The stock at each show is distinct. Items have been hand picked, haggled over, and lugged around the world in tuk tuks, airplanes, even cross country buses for consideration in our personal collection. Whatever doesn’t find a permanent home with us, is then put up for sale through the trunk. Most are handmade or vintage, but all are available in limited quantities. So, if you see something you like, you’d better grab it – it’s not likely that you’ll see it again!  If you see something in our shop that you’d like to reserve in advance, feel free to contact us. International shipping isn’t always available, but feel free to ask and if it’s possible it will be accommodated. The upcoming shows are sourced from local markets in India, Thailand, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa.

The Traveler’s Trunk depends completely on the willingness of our customers to serve as hosts and to spread the word to potential buyers. If you’re interested in hosting a show, please send an email directly.

Email host a show or to discuss sourcing your shop.

Follow us @trunkology on twitter & Instagram.


The fine print: 

All trunk sales are final.

USD cash is the preferred mechanism of payment.

Paypal (buyer to cover transaction fees) OR U.S. check only can be paid on site.

No credit card sales!

Shows outside of the U.S. can be paid in local currency at the day’s exchange rate

Special thanks to fellow travelers Leonore Gruenberg & Ivan for the photographs!!!


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